Forged by hand on a coal hearth, Wyld is a strong yet elegant bushcraft knife. It's keen blade and swept profile belie it's ruggedness and strength, making it a functional knife that stands apart from it's peers. 


The blade is hand forged from carbon steel and is fitted with a walnut handle protected by a brass bolster and end cap with a bone spacer. Sanded smooth, it's handle is sealed with varnish to help keep out the dirt.  The face of the knife has been left oil blackened to help resist against rusting while it's clipped point assists with skinning and butchery tasks.  It's 4.5mm thick back gives it strength and its compact design helps you keep it under control. If you are looking for a strong knife that looks more than a lifeless block of steel, then this is the choice for you! 



Overall Length: 216mm

Blade Length: 117mm

Blade width:  28mm 

Handle Length: 95mm