Snub Nosed Cleaver

Snub Nosed Cleaver

A hand forged chefs cleaver with a varnished and polished buffalo horn handle fitted with a rams horn bolster and leather spacer. 

Chefs cleavers come in a variety of weights and sizes but all are versatile knives, able to be used to mince, slice, chop, scrape and crush all manner of ingredients as well as stand up to medium butchery tasks like splitting a whole chicken.  Out of all the cooking knives we make, our cleavers are by far our favourites, partly due to their versatility but mostly due to their synergy and how they make every movement more fluid- and the Snub Nose Cleaver is no different! Every part of this blade has been thought out to aid different aspects of cooking and to help it become an extension of your arm. 



-High carbon steel blade

-Buffalo Horn handle

-Oil blackened blade


Blade length: 170mm, Blade Width: 80mm, Total Length: 280mm