Small Knife, Jorvik 2833, 9th-11thC

Small Knife, Jorvik 2833, 9th-11thC

Often overshadowed by larger seaxes, there is a wealth of smaller knives from across the Early Medieval period in Europe. Often forgotten about, they were a key item and many must have been very personal to the owner, often being buried with them (sometimes in pairs) alongside other valuable items from their life. 


Knife Details


Blade Length: 80mm, Max blade width: 18mm, Blade thickness: 4mm, Total length: 156mm


Blade- laminated iron with a carbon steel cutting edge


Handle- Blonde rams horn bolster with a stacked handle of stabilised antler and 5400 year old bog oak


Sheath- hand stitched veg tan leather with incised decoration, based on finds from Jorvik, and engraved brass edging.