Roman 'Wing' Knife- Iron/steel welded blade

Roman 'Wing' Knife- Iron/steel welded blade

A stype of ring-knife  with a distinctive 'wing' shaped blade- a style of knife that is found across the Roman Empire.  The blade is o1 tool steel firewelded between two outer layers of wrought iron and then slightly etched to bring out the contrast between the two materials.  The handle is made of natural bone (hence variations in colour and blemishes) and it has been been decorated with filed and engraved patterns copied from extant examples in the Museum of London. 


The knife is hand forged and the end ring has been punched and drifted to its current size.  A sturdy and practical utility knife that is  suitable for all manner of taks. 


-iron and steel san mai welded blade

- engraved and decorated bone handle

-etched blade


Blade length: 130mm

Blade width: 28mm

Overall length: 248mm

Spine thickness: 4.5mm