Pattern Welded Cooking Knife (Roman)

Pattern Welded Cooking Knife (Roman)

A hand forged socketed Roman cooking knife with a pattern welded blade and an ash handle.  


This knife is based on the many varieties of socketed cooking knives and cleavers found throughout the Roman Empire. The cutting edge is made of high carbon steel fire welded onto a blade made from  a loose herringbone patterned iron core set between two 500 layer laminated iron billets. This makes for a stong, hardworking knife with a keen cutting edge and a beautiful pattern that carries along the blade an up into the socket of the handle. 

Comfortable in the hand, this knife is ideal for Roman re-enactors or for anyone wanting  something a little bit different for their kitchen.



Overall length- 240mm

Blade length- 135mm

Max blade width- 36mm