Large Knife, Jorvik 2756, 9th-11thC

Large Knife, Jorvik 2756, 9th-11thC

One of our favourites here at Big Beynon's Blacksmithing. While the blade shape falls just short of our 21st century "seax" calssification, it still has many features that distinguish it as such.  It features the typical "broken back" blade shape synonymous with the Early Medieval period and has a thick spine making this not just a knife that looks the part but one that can stand up to many tasks. From splitting kindling to animal  butchery, we usually find seax type blades make great bushcraft knives for both the reenactor and camper and this one is no different. 


Knife Details


Blade Length: 135mm, Max blade width: 27mm, Blade thickness: 5.5mm, Total length: 239mm


Blade- laminated iron with a carbon steel cutting edge


Handle- Brass bolster with a stacked handle of stabilised antler with a pewter spacer and a thick barss endcap. 


Sheath- hand stitched veg tan leather dyed brown with an engraved brass edging.