Hakata Bocho

Hakata Bocho

A Hakata Bocho style knife, or what I would refer to as an Uber-Nakiri, it is suited to chopping/dicing/mincing fruit and vegetables especially with a gently curving blade for improved functionality for rocking and chopping.  
Like the nakiri, it can deal with large, tough veg however this blade is more substantial and, like a cleaver, it can be used for more heavy duty tasks. Elegant and versatile, this knife is making a comeback and is becoming a more common sight in a chefs kitchen. 


The blade of this knife is made from high carbon steel and has been oil blackened. The handle has a black buffalo  horn bolster with a burnt pink ivorywood handle and a bronze tube rivet for attaching a lanyard for storage. The handle has been finely sanded and polished and is finished with several coats of varnish to keep it free from dirt. 


Blade length: 160mm, Blade width: 35-40mm, Overall length: 290mm




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