Folding Knife- 'Contour'

Folding Knife- 'Contour'

With a curve on every facet of its silhouette, Contour has a slick look yet still has strength and functionality at it's heart. 


Hand forged from high carbon steel forge welded between two slices of 3000 layer laminated iron, the blade has an understated look which belies the complexity of it's construction- a complexity that will be slowly revealed over time. The handle as well, is humble at first glance, yet reveals more details as you look closer at the naturally stained and patterned boxwood and the carbon fibre and brass fittings. 


Ideally fulfilling its role, Contour is a has a reassuring feel in the hand and has the functionality to back it up. 


Blade length: 62mm

Max Blade Width: 19mm
Overall length: 160mm


Supplied with it's own presentation box.