Brass Folding Knife /Medieval Puzzle Folding Knife

Brass Folding Knife /Medieval Puzzle Folding Knife

A simple yet charming EDC clasp knife that fits easily in your pocket. About the same length as a lighter yet 1/3 as thick, this knife is unobtrusive and infinitely useful for when your out and about and in need of a sharp tool.  Perfect for camping, hiking, foraging or for use with light crafts. It is deceptively strong despit it's light construction. 

This is a non-locking friction folder designed from a 14th Century example recovered from the River Thames in London.  Also known as a puzzle knife (Difficulty Level: Easy), the blade has been made to be a UK legal folding knife.  Perfect for any Medieval reenactor, especially those portraying individuals of low to mid status. 

An ideal gift for any collector or reenactor. 



Blade legnth: 70mm, Blade Width: 16mm, Blade Thickness: 2mm

Handle Length: 90mm

Closed Length: 100mm


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