Anglo-Saxon Knife- Buckland Cemetery

Anglo-Saxon Knife- Buckland Cemetery

A copy of a small knife found in the grave of an Anglo-Saxon woman at Buckland Cemetery in Kent.  The knife is hand forged from laminated wrought iron with a carbon steel cutting edge fire-welded on and has a simple, unworked antler handle. The original blade was found lying on top of a small copper alloy ring which is presumed to be part of a suspension loop system.  This knife comes with a hand stitched leather sheath with nickle silver fitting in a similar style to those found in other graves from the same site, attached to a brass suspension loop. 


This would be a great little utility knife for any Early Medieval reenactor, especially one portraying an Early Saxon.


Blade Length: 70mm

Max Blade Width: 18mm

Overall Length:  168mm