17thC Eating Knife Faux Ivory/Black Horn

The style of eating knives changes quite dramatically in the 1th century due to shifting fashions. Blades tend towards having sloping or more rounded points (an atempt to discourage them being used to resolve disputes at the dinner board!) and fashion dictated a more understated display of wealth. 


Here  you can choose between two delicate eating knives with long, octaganal bolsters. One has a (faux) Ivory and bronze handle while the other handle is made of black horn.  Both would be well suited to those portraying classes of middling sort or the lower ends of the upper class. 


The style of knife itself is a reproduction of one from 1630 that is held in the collection of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers.


Ivory and Bronze Handled Knife-

Overall length: 152mm

Blade length: 63mm

Blade width: 12mm


Black Horn Handled Knife-

Overall length: 158mm

Blade length: 63mm

Blade width: 12mm


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