16th-17th Century Knife with Scalloped End Bolster

A  reproduction of a very delicate eating knife found on a Dutch ship that sank in the River Thames. Dated between 1550-1600AD, similar examples are found across Europe right through the 17th century. As such, it displays many aspects of knives from these periods, like its solid, integral bolster, short handle scales and a blade with a dropped point. An ideal knife to use at the dining board, it comes with a leather sheath to protect it when carried in your pouch/pocket.  A god knife for those wishing to portay someone of the middling sort. 


-Carbon steel blade

-Solid, integral bolster, 

-Walnut scales

-Bronze hollow rivets

-Scalloped bronze end bolster


Overall length: 210mm

Blade length: 114mm

Blade width: 12mm



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