13th-14th Century Dutch Knife- Ebony Handle

13th-14th Century Dutch Knife- Ebony Handle

A  hand forged reproduction of a Medieval Dutch knife with a hand stitched leather sheath decorated with a pattern from a 14th century knife sheath found in the River Thames, London. Similar examples can be found across Britain and the rest of Europe.  This example has a brass bolster and endcap, leather spacers and an ebony handle.*


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Overall Length: 205mm

Blade Length: 110mm

Blade Width: 21mm


*Boxwood was the material of choice during the Medieval Period when making knife handles due to it being strong and close grained. It also dyes easily and so, to this end, laws had to be passed during the 14th Century to make it illegal to colour boxwood. Why? Because unscrupulous traders would dye it black and pass it off as ebony and thus sell it at a higher price. The fact that this practice had to be banned tell us that Medieval Europe had access to ebony woods and that they were prized and valued and as such, this knife would be ideal for those portraying individuals of high status.