13th-14th Century Dutch Knife- Dudgeon Handle

13th-14th Century Dutch Knife- Dudgeon Handle

A  hand forged reproduction of a Medieval Dutch knife with a hand stitched leather sheath decorated with a pattern from a 14th century knife sheath found in the River Thames, London. Similar examples can be found across Britain and the rest of Europe.  This example has a brass bolster and endcap, leather spacers and a dudgeon handle as per the original.*


Overall Length: 200mm

Blade Length: 110mm

Blade Width: 23mm


*Dudgeon, also known as rotwood is the root of a box tree. It is the wood that dudgeon daggers are named after and it is extremely hard, close grain and resistant to rotting. It is so resistant to rot, that it is regularly still found on knives that were lost over 500 years ago. This piece of dudgeon has been taken from a larger section that has been seasoned for 12 years. It has a beautiful pattern in the wood and feels silky to the touch. The cracks you see are the natural structure of the wood and form part of its character, so do not worry- the handle isn't falling apart. In fact, it will outlast us all!