12th to 13thC Knife- Swept Point Blade

12th to 13thC Knife- Swept Point Blade

A 12thC knife replica from Medieval London. With a sharp edge and thick spine this knife works as a light utility knife but is still small enough to be suitable as an eating knife.  The blade shape is a typical 'seax' style that is very common during the 12th and 13th centuries.  Ideal for those portraying low to mid status impressions.


Knife Details


Blade length: 120mm, Max blade width: 22mm, Total length: 203mm


Blade- Hand forged, laminated iron, pattern welded core, carbon steel cutting edge


Handle- Cherry wood handle with a blonde rams horn bolster


Sheath- 12thC 'wing sheath' style with incised decorations from contemporary examples, water moulded veg tan leather, dyed brown, bone slider and cow horn beads.