12th to 14thC Field Knife- Boxwood Handle

12th to 14thC Field Knife- Boxwood Handle

A large knife based on multiple similar finds from around Dorset, London and the New Forest with date ranges of 12th to 14thC.  With a stout, pattern welded blade, this is a hard working knife that appears to have been a fairly common blade shape across England, probably carried by woodsmen, field workers, day labourers and other low status individuals or members of the 'villein'


Knife details


Blade length: 138mm, Max blade width: 24mm, Blade thickness: 5mm, Total Length: 90mm


Blade- pattern welded iron and steel, carbon steel cutting edge


Handlde- Boxwood handle with blonde rams horn bolster and brass end cap.


Sheath- Water moulded veg tan leather, hand stitched, dyed dark brown, incised with contemporary decorations, fitted with a bone slider and spacer