10th-13th Century Folding Knife

10th-13th Century Folding Knife

A 10th-13th Century folding knife- Ideal for Early Medieval reenactors


The blade is hand forged from laminated iron with a carbon steel cutting edge fire-welded on. It is based on examples found in Britain from the 10th/11th Century in Jorvik/York and the 12th/13th Century in London. Its overall dimensions have been caled down to make it UK legal as an EDC knife. The handle is made of boxwood and has been sanded beautifully smooth with a subtle final layer of protective varnish.


A great little utility knife to fit away in your pocket or pouch, this is ideal for the early medieval/medieval reenactor wanting something a little different!


Blade length: 66mm, overall length: 155mm


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